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HIST2050 Food in World History: Books and Ebooks

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Series of Books

Series of Food History Books based on individual topics

Edible series titles.
Cake Banana Beer
Chillies Dates Doughnut
Pizza Wine


Vodka Rum Oranges
Beef Pudding Salmon
Rice Offal Oyster
Eggs Game Pineapple
Barbecue Sauces Tequila
Mushrooms Brandy Lamb
Sausage Shrimp Herring
Corn Bread Caviar
Champagne Cheese Hamburger
Herbs Soup Potato
Pie Pancake Hot Dog
Pomegranate Pork Salad
Sandwich Seaweed Spices
Edible Flowers Fats Figs
Gin Honey Melon
Milk Moonshine Nuts
Onions and Garlic Olive Water
Whiskey Chocolate Curry
Ice Cream Lemon Lobster
Apples Tea  



Reference Books -- General Sources

EBook Collections