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Self Help Guide: Anger

Use this guide to be introduced to self-help concepts, resources, and practices.


The following page offers resources to help you deal with anger. 


Slash your anger with Anger Management counselling


Taking a walk, moving your body and stepping away from the thing that has made you angry can be a healthy way to calm your anger as well as think critically about the situation that has upset you. It is always okay to give yourself time and space to settle your mind and emotions before you react or make decisions. 

Men & Anger: Causes, Signs, & Anger Management Tips


These anger management tips and actionable items would work well for anyone, not just men. 

Additional anger management resources

Sometimes things will cause us to feel angry, and they might be out of our control. It is natural to feel anger, it is a healthy human emotion. But it is up to us how we deal with, manage, and learn from our anger.