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Landing Your Dream Job: Interviewing

This guide is based on information provided by Jan-Marie Lanuzza, Experiential Education Coordinator and Jean Moats, Director of Library Services.

Remember to:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early

  • Dress professionally and be well groomed

  • Maintain good eye contact with the interviewer

  • Use a firm professional handshake

  • Be aware of your body language: smile, project confidence, and greet the interviewer in a warm, yet professional manner

Here are some tips to help you have a great phone interview.

  1. Take the phone interview seriously

  2. Pick the right time and day

  3. Confirm the scheduled time

  4. Set a professional voicemail in case you can’t answer your phone

  5. Prepare for it in the same way that you would for an in-person interview

  6. Consider possible interview questions

  7. Have a copy of your resume, cover letter and job description in front of you

  8. Charge your phone

  9. Practice

  10. Find a room with no distractions

  11. Consider dressing in a professional way to feel more confident

  12. Answer professionally

  13. Be an active listener

  14. Maintain a friendly yet professional tone

  15. Speak clearly—don’t talk too quickly and don’t ramble

  16. Smile over the phone as it creates a positive impression

  17. Take notes

  18. Ask about the next steps to express your continued interest in the role and the company

  19. Send a thank you email