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SEE 4060 Sports, Entertainment, Event Management Seminar: Home

Use this guide to find information for your project in SEE 4060.

What does this guide offer? 

  • Primary Databases
  • How to recognize plagiarism
  • APA citation assistance
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Resources

Chat with a JWU Librarian

Recommendations when researching:

  • Explore your topic
  • Use only terms, not an entire sentence, in your search
  • Look at links of subject terms included in the record. Use of those will repopulate the search
  • Make use of filters
  • Grab the citation while you are in the file, whether you are sure you are going to use it or not (start a separate document to collect citations)
  • Use quotes to keep phrases together
  • Use and/or appropriately 
  • Look for works cited by other articles you find helpful