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APA Citation Guide for the 7th ed: Home

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APA Handbook, 6th Edition

A Note About APA Style and Edition of the Manual

The 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Pscychological Association was published in late 2019. This guide reflects the style as defined in that manual. Copies of the 6th and 5th edition of the manual are still available in the library, should you be required by a professor to adhere to that edition instead.

APA style is used by writer in many disciplines for concise, powerful, and persuasive scholarly communication. This guide is intended to cover the basics that you will need to know as you complete your paper. The manual itself can be found at the reference desk, and is the final source of accurate and complete APA style.

You can also see advice, tutorials, and more examples at the official APA Style web site.


Notable Changes to APA 7:

JWU Plagiarism Policy

As stated in the JWU Providence Student Handbook:

To plagiarize means to use reference sources without providing correct acknowledgements. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty because when you plagiarize, you are using ideas or words created by another person and — because a citation has not been provided to your reader — you are not giving proper credit for the work done by the other person. Thus you are claiming that the words or ideas are your own. In essence, you are stealing from the original writer. (LIBRARIAN'S NOTE: Works done by others also includes music, performances, audios, images, videos, presentations, or choreography.)

Plagiarism may take many forms: cheating, copying information directly without providing quotation marks, failing to cite sources, or citing sources incorrectly. It does not matter whether you intended to plagiarize or whether the plagiarism occurred unintentionally — it still constitutes academic dishonesty. Ignorance of the rules of correct citation is not an acceptable excuse for plagiarism. As members of the Johnson & Wales University community it is the responsibility of all students to clearly understand and abide by the rules.