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Library Resources for Faculty Research: Charlotte: Material Requests

Requesting Materials

Inter Library Loan Service

Intended for non-JWU Library material requests  

Not loaned generally: textbooks, ebooks, entire journal issues, newspapers, videos, reference & reserves materials  

Average wait times for Books: 2-3 weeks; Digitized Articles: 1 week.

If a specific title does not appear on the JWU Library catalog, you may submit an ILL Request:

Providence Campus Requests: Books and Journal Articles (separate forms)

Charlotte Campus Requests: Journal Articles and Books - email Jean Moats 

See Below: Your search experience will reveal whether you need to use ILL.  

Books: Search Practices

Books & Physical material Searches Practices:

  1. Begin your search on the Everything tab.
  2. To expand your search further, select the “Libraries Worldwide” search filter. 
  3. Click on an item's title, choose the “Request through Interlibrary Loan.”
  4. Fill out the form using your JWU email and library barcode beginning with 25154.

Note: Providence Campus can access items from the HELIN Consortium.

HELIN Loan Requests: 
(Providence Campus)
What they are & When to use them! 

  • Consists of academic and special libraries, mostly in Rhode Island, that share materials with one another.
  • JWU Library catalog searches can be customized to present "HELIN Libraries" holdings.
  • Search Practices:
    • Begin in the Everything search tab.
    • Search by keywords or title (quotation marks may be helpful) Click search!
    • If there are minimal or no results, select the "HELIN Libraries" search filter to broaden the results.
    • After choosing a "HELIN Libraries"-owned item, click “Request Item”

Articles: Search Practices

Journal Articles Search Practices:

  1. Begin your search in the Everything or Articles tab
    1. Search by keywords or specific article title    
  2. If the item is not available through JWU Library, a message will notify you: 
    1. “Check for Full Text (JWU Campus location)” Click!
      1. Confirm that the article is not available through a series of links: Journal hyperlink, volume, issue. 
      2. If necessary, select “Request a Copy of this Item”
      3. Fill out the ILL request form (use your JWU email / library barcode) 
    2. “At other libraries worldwide” Click!
      1. Select the “Request Item through Interlibrary Loan” option
      2. Fill out the ILL request form (use your JWU email / library barcode) 

Note: JWU Library has a pay-per-view subscription with certain journals, such as Taylor & Francis, which requires unique steps to access full text.