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MGMT4020: Top Databases

What are you looking for? 

Company Information?

What kind of business is it? Public is the easiest to find information for, because of the information they are required to report, as well as annual reports and the like. Other types include subsidiaries and private companies (these are more difficult, for various reasons)

Industry Information?

This can be challenging. One thing to be especially aware of is bias. Reports presented by companies themselves will put themselves in the most positive light possible. Open web material is expensive and often hard to find and time consuming to weed through. The best place to start is the library databases, especially those marked here. 

Databases for finding Company Information

Business Source Complete

Valuable company profiles from Datamonitor with SWOT analyses (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) where available, industry profiles, stocks & investment info., management-related articles, Harvard Business Review case studies and streaming videos from the Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series. 

Business Insights: Global

Comprehensive business content including case studies, company profiles & industry research reports, country economic reports, market research reports, SWOT analyses, and video interviews with business executives. (formerly, Business & Company Resource Center)

Databases for Finding Industry Information

Industry research for over 700 U.S. industries plus hard-to-find U.S. "specialized industries," including 60 industries in Australia, China, and the UK. Go to "Key Statistics" to find financials and 7 kinds of "Key Ratios." To limit your search to the countries above, use the link "Global Industry Research", then on the next page link to "Search for international industries."


Industry reports include demographics, market trends, forecasts, analysis of major brands, new products, and consumer trends & buyer behavior in such fields as Food & Beverage, Food Service & Hospitality, Retailing, Technology & Media, Travel & Leisure.