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Course Overview

In ENG1021, students will build on the research and communication skills from ENG1020 to develop more complex and rhetorically advanced papers. All written and oral work is aimed at persuading an audience. Instruction begins with the essential components of a logically constructed and articulated argument. Critical thinking skills will be reinforced throughout the course as students develop, peer critique, and present projects to the class. Research and MLA skills are expected, and all projects require research from a variety of sources.

Course Objectives             

  • Demonstrate skill in basic grammar, punctuation, mechanics, sentence structure, paragraphing, and essay writing as defined through class lecture, model writings, practice, and rubrics.

  • Analyze and discuss the style and structure of various genres and the different approaches to persuasive communication, including commentary, review, business correspondence, and problem/solution.

  • Collaborate with peers in an exchange of ideas and the preparation and delivery of research-based presentations.

  • Conduct research and examine and compare information from various sources in order to evaluate reliability, accuracy, authority, timeliness, relevance, and point of view or bias.

  • Demonstrate competence in oral presentation skills, group communication skills, and group and oral communication theory.

  • Demonstrate the importance of collaborative work through the successful planning and delivery of panel or individual presentations, following established guidelines.

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