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Atomic Habits: Book Club Guide: Home

This LibGuide is intended to guide readers of the book, Atomic Habits.

Atomic Habits by James Clear introduces readers to a simple and easy to implement approach to creating valuable habits in your life. 

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Guiding Questions

  • Would you recommend this book to someone? Why or why not? Who would enjoy this kind of book most?
  • Did you learn something new from this book? Do you think you will change something about your life after having read this book? 
  • Did anything surprise you about the book?
  • Do you disagree with anything written in the book?
  • What did you think of the writing? Were things easy to follow? 
  • What inspired you most about the book? 
  • Did reading the book impact your mood? 
  • Did the book remind you of other books, movies, podcasts? 
  • Would you ever reread this book? Why or why not?
  • Did this book leave you with more questions? 
  • What did you google while reading the book?
  • While you were reading, did you talk to other people in your life about the book? 

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The book, Atomic Habits, is a self-help text. For other self-help tips and reading recommendations visit the LibGuide found here

About Atomic Habits

  • Over 15 million copies sold and translated into more than 50 languages
  • #1 best selling book on Amazon in 2021
  • 400K + people subscribe to James Clear's newsletter, and his work is used by NFL, NBA, MLB and Fortune 500 companies
  • "Each action you take is like a boat to the person you want to become" - James Clear on why habits are important
  • Clear often preaches that the way to reducing a bad habit is by increasing friction. The more effort it takes to do that thing that is not serving us, the less likely we are to do it. For example, Clear has the Instagram app hidden on his phone to prevent mindlessly opening the application.
  • Clear stresses that progress is the most effective form of motivation
  • Small changes to our daily routines can have big long term impacts 
  • "Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement" - James Clear



Atomic Habits Book Talk

Tips for Reading Nonfiction

  • Marginalia! If you purchase a copy of Atomic Habits it might be helpful to mark up the texts and write notes/thoughts/feelings in the margins. This can be especially helpful if you plan to come back to the text in the future.
  • Skim the chapters. Familiarize yourself with how the book is broken down, parts, chapters, etc. What are the headings of each section? This will give you an indication of the book on the whole and some of the important messages that the author is going to go into detail about in each section. This can make the text feel much less intimidating. 
  • Summarize chapters as you read. After finishing a chapter, find a friend and summarize to them what you read. Or summarize to yourself in your head what you just read. This can help you make sure you are actually understanding what you are reading as you go, rather than continuing forward with the book and not fully comprehending it. You could even write these summaries down in a journal as you read. This will also be helpful to have if you return to the text in the future. Each time you sit down to read your book, you can look back over your notes and the summaries to remember what it is you last read. 
  • Use the internet! If there are words, phrases, concepts, people, etc discussed in the text that you don't have prior knowledge of, the internet is a wonderful resource to help you gain clarity. Supplement what you learn from the book by doing extra research if needed to help you fully comprehend the text. 

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Simple steps for breaking bad habits and adopting good ones!

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Atomic Habits Book Talk

Atomic Habits Book Talk