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Finance Tips for Students: Budgeting

Find money tips/advice/explanations for college students here.

Learn to Budget Your Money

Regardless of how much income you have, it is good to outline a budget for yourself to have a framework for any money that you spend.

Do you buy food for yourself? Pay for housing? Drive a car that needs gas? All of these things should be worked into your budget. 



Budgeting Tips

  • Visit the link for a clear breakdown of how to start creating a budget- Better Money Habits
  • There are many budgeting templates available for free online, or you can build one that suits your unique needs in a spreadsheet.
  • When creating your own budgeting template, be realistic about how much money you spend, and how much money you have coming in. 
    • Remember: the first step is noticing. For the first month maybe you just take not of your spending and your income, and the second month you can construct a more realistic budget that you can stick to. 
  • Here is a budgeting template you can use. You can copy and paste the image from this LibGuide into a google doc, enlarge it, and print it out to fill out. 

 College Budget Template: Free Printable for Students | College student  budget, College budgeting, Student budget

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This video may be helpful/calm financial anxieties you have.