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Academic Leadership at JWU: Home

Use this Guide, created by dean of Libraries Rosie Hopper for the latest news and research on issues of importance to academic administrators at Johnson & Wales University

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About This Guide

 Q: What is this guide all about?

A: This guide was created to provide academic admininistrators at Johnson & Wales University with ready access to readings and information on higher education topics.  This guide may be used wherever there is an Internet connection and browser.  

Q: How do I navigate? 

A: Each tab is named for a different topic.  At the top level your will find links to journal articles.  At the next level, you will find links to recommended books, and finally links to web resources.

Q: What's needed to use this guide?

A: This guide can be viewed by and shared with anyone.  Some resources to which this guide links may be proprietary. Access is obtained by entering your name JWU username and password (same as your email).


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