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MRKT 3011 Data-Driven Marketing: Your Librarian, and librarian resources

Resources with your Librarians

Valerie Freeman - Business Librarian, Arts & Sciences Librarian, Instruction Librarian

Current schedule - Monday thru Friday 10am - 6pm (in person)


Phone number: 980-598-1609

Jean Moats - Library Director, Culinary Librarian

Current schedule - Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm (in person), Sun 6pm - 8pm (virtual)


Phone number: 980-598-1608

Laura McShane - (PT) Reference Librarian

Current Schedule - Monday thru Thurs 1pm - 6pm (in person)


Phone number: 

Mariko Dailey - (PT) Reference Librarian

Current Schedule: Sun 2pm - 6pm (in person), Thurs and Fri 5pm - 8pm (virtual)


Phone number: 980-598-1611

Kat Oosterhuis - (PT) Reference Librarian

Current Schedule: Mon and Tues 5pm - 8pm (virtual)